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Products available

Products available


 you can put 1 picture and 1 text on any size of a tshirt.  

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    you can put 1 picture and 1 text on any size of a hoodie.

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      You can put 1 picture and 1 text of your choice on sweatpants.

      size available. xs, small, medium, xl.

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      you can put either 1 picture or 1 text on a beanie. 

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        About Us

        Top Custom Printing in Waterloo/Kitchener

        Are you looking for a custom t-shirt printing service in Waterloo/Kitchener? Then Custom Made is the right place for you. Our skilled and artistic team of designers specialise in creating well-detailed and beautiful designs coupled with standard printing machines. We use the latest equipment in the industry to ensure …

        Fast And Easy Printing

        The appeal to a custom t-shirt is that it can sport an image unique to you or a design that you like. It can tell a simple story about or can be used as an advert for your brand, if you have one. The most popular places for shirt designs are on the front and the back, although we have had some clients who want …


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        Probably the best custom T-shirt I’ve ever perched, best quality and all... 
        Sep 30, 2020
        emma david
        As good as a company can do. One of the most talent people you will ever meet. From signs, to t shirts. What I live about this company is that they...  Read more
        Sep 30, 2020
        A 14